Who wears Flip Flops on the Farm?

That would be ME!

Hey and thanks for checking out my brand new site!

I’m Lindsay Kimbrell, I’m married to a 5th Generation farmer. If you would’ve asked me 14 years ago, if I was going to marry a farmer and live the rest of my life with 2 kids on a farm, I’d say, “Doubt It”. Well, here I am! We’ve been married almost 12 years, we have 2 kids, a boy thats 11 and a girl thats 7 and I LOVE every bit of it. Its hard, its easy, it’s fun, it’s challenging, but most of all, I feel so blessed to have this life.

So, enough of the mushy stuff. More about our farm, we steadily every year grow Corn and Wheat. We have grown Cotton, Milo, Sunflowers, Sesame and soon adding to the list will be Soybeans. If you ask me what my favorites have been, yeah, its those huge Sunflowers. They are BEAUTIFUL when they bloom. Maybe one day the price will go back up and we can get back to those. Least favorite, the Milo, aka Sorghum, talk about ITCHY and dusty. Luckily we haven’t done that in a while. We personally have no animals, I get asked all the time how are we farmers with no animals… easy, I don’t like getting out of bed or up early because a cow is in the road, and I love going places and I’m selfish and don’t want to take time to feed something every day. I can’t leave out that we do have a Maltese named Daisy, and 7, wait no one died yesterday, 6 fish.

We are lucky enough to have our family close by as well. My in-laws, who live right down the road, raise cattle and they’re pretty darn good at it too. My “little” brother in law, he’s not so little anymore just younger, he helps us A LOT, so we are pretty thankful for him. Across the road from then, the man the myth the legend, Pepaw, the grandpa of my husband, and his wife. Pepaw  and his daddy, and brothers ran all the farmland around here, and from what I hear, they were pretty darn good at it. I’m also lucky enough to have a mother in law who lives in town and does all the girly things with my daughter, as well as 2 sister in laws, one is about to make me an AUNT for the first time, yay, and also another brother in law.  About 15 minutes from me is my parentals, the poor things that raised me, now they get to babysit my kids every other weekend 🙂

I created a blog because I love to advocate for Ag. Agriculture is so important and the consumer is so distanced from where their food comes from.  I feel its important to let them know thats its just people like us and its safe! So much talk about GMO, Organic, Corporate Farm and so on. I want to try and do my best to educate and communicate with the common consumer.

So, I hope you continue to stick it out with me as I continue my blogging “career”!


“If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest.” Proverbs 20:4


1 comment on “Who wears Flip Flops on the Farm?

  1. Gina Sugarek

    I love it!!!! Maybe you will inspire me to actually start a blog… I have something typed up, but need to figure out how to actually do it…good for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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